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Ferrini Records

One of the greateast independant Music label in Switzerland, based in Basel. With the fantastic House DJ Mario Ferrini who also worked of course with Sterofunk, CeCe Rogers (”How can I”), Darryl D’Bonneau (”Stay”) and a lots more. Join his page on www.ferrinirecords.ch  

Pierre Piccarde

He started his career in the early nineties. In diverse juvenile- and culture projects, and acquired experience in a world of indefinite possibilities. Since 1997 he is DJ and Vocalist. In various Music projects and live- performances he had called attention to his musical talent to the enthusiasm of audiences. Where ever he is, he tries consistently to entertaine his audience with the freshness and energy of his shows. He has a fantastic voice and is also a great songwriter. Check his page: www.pierrepiccarde.com

Natascha Hagen

With hits like “You and You” Natascha was an integral part of the European dance music scene, both as an artist and a songwriter. She climbed the Spanish charts up to #2 and performed in places from smaller clubs up to festivals with 40.000 people. However, she also caught attention off the dance music scene. She not only gained double platinum as a songwriter, but also co-owned a recording studio until 2012, working in a songwriting and production team with Martin Frainer, a renowned producer and songwriter from Austria. In 2010 she had her song “Without U” on the album “GroWing,” released by the Korean artist Kim Bo Kyung. The album went #1 straight away. Now Natascha is preparing a comeback as an artist with a broader musical range than ever: powerful songs, inspirational lyrics, soaring melodies that alternate with a fragile intimacy. www.nataschahagen.com
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