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Once upon a time....

Sterofunk Productions is an independent songwriting and production label and was established in 2002. We have worked together and for independant and famous labels and are proud to have placed different remixes all around the world.   We are specialized in Dance, Pop, House and Lounge for commercial or non-commercial purposes. But our heart still beats for the real Funky Vocal House with a lot of Soul. We work together with different producers and DJ’s but our head producers and remixers are Diego Delicado, Romain Villeroy, Scott Wilson, Ramon Garcia and Sterofunk. If you have a great voice and want to send us your vocals for using them on one of our productions, feel free to the send them to us by e-mail. * Vocals and melody must be clear and up front. Professional demo's preferred What shall we say more. Just get ready to have fun with the Soulfull & Deep House Music all around the world, because Life is a Party!
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